Amazonite Self Discovery 108 Beaded Mala

Amazonite Self Discovery 108 Beaded Mala


Zenzoey Malas will inspire you, empower you, and guide you. Your mala is a tool to help you find your path and set you on your journey of crystals, yoga, setting intentions, meditation and healing.

Each Zenzoey Mala is hand-knotted with 108 genuine gemstone beads, smudged, blessed with intention and infused with Reiki. This Self Discovery Mala features 108 natural amazonite beads with .925 silver spacers, olive wood guru bead and a silk tassel. This mala will support your power of intention setting, manifestation and give you positive energy.

o 401783-AMAZONITE
o Traditional 108 bead mala for yoga & meditation
o 108 Amazonite faceted beads
o Olive Wood carved guru bead
o Thai hill tribe .925 silver beads
o 4″ silk tassel
o One of a kind – designed and made in Park City, Utah

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Amazonite: Excellent stone for communication. Blocks negative energy and absorbs electromagnetic pollution – microwaves and cell phones. Helps with Integrity, success, joy, honor, creativity, self-esteem, calming, stress, self- destructive behaviors, psychic abilities.
o Chakra ~ Heart & Brow (third eye)
o Affirmation ~ I am in tune with my surroundings.

Silver: Helps channel the energies of gemstones in healing. Soul mirror, intuition, psychic, improve speech, eloquence, enhance and store energies of gemstones, draw out negative energies, moon energies, feminine/yin energy.

o Chakra ~ All chakras
o Affirmation ~ I am prosperous.

Chakra: Heart & Brow (third eye)

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