Empire Pass Print

Empire Pass Print


Over the years a ride to the top of Empire Pass would often result in thoughtful moments surmounting at times into hours. Alone, or accompanied by my partner, those open vistas revealing patches of Aspen, Fir, Maple and Scrub Oak would speak to me.

Some days they were a harmony of breathtaking colors, as in the fall and some days they appeared motionless and tired in the heat of the summer.

When I painted Empire Pass, the day itself was, in reality, a very sunny and beautiful early spring day. It was the discussion I had shared moments earlier which I had been dwelling upon that influenced my work.

I thought I had ruined the painting but I persisted and, in the end, I was able to show a different aspect of natural beauty. I had, in fact, rendered the face of determination. That which leads only to greater strength, character and a lovely new blossom of growth.

The original Empire Pass painting was an oil on paper.

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