Good Morning Gift Set

Good Morning Gift Set


Your loved ones will up and shine everyday with this perfect gift!


This combination is unbeatable for the coffee lovers in your life.


See below for details!

Larrabee Ceramics

Two stylish handcrafted ceramic mugs.

Ritual Novo Anyetsu Coffee 60%

Unlike any other coffee and chocolate bar out there. Fruity Ethiopian coffee meets the balanced flavor of our Mid Mountain Blend and the result is a balanced, smooth coffee-infused chocolate bar that coffee lovers will love.

Hugo Coffee Rollover Breakfast Blend

Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Honeycomb, Coffee

Description: Getting out of bed in the morning is ruff. But there’s no need to hit snooze on the alarm and roll over for extra sleep when you’ve got Roll Over Breakfast Blend waiting to ease you into the day. This simple, smooth, easy-drinking coffee with a solid, sweet base will put a smile on your face all day.

Tasting Notes: maple, milk chocolate, nuts

Region of Origin: Peru

Hugo Coffee Bonafido Dark Roast

Description: Comprised of our unique blend of Brazilian and Colombian beans with pleasant, tannic acidity, Hugo Coffee's Bonafido Dark Roast is tasty, reliable, and satisfying. Pour it to everyone’s satisfaction. Make an extra pot while you’re at it because they’ll be back for more. A bold and round coffee experience built for every cup. Rich flavor. Big mouthfeel. What coffee is supposed to be!

Tasting Notes: baker’s chocolate, dark fruit

Region of Origin: South American

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