How Many Places A Moose Can Be (Paperback)

How Many Places A Moose Can Be (Paperback)


This lighthearted and beautifully illustrated paperback children’s book tells the story of a day’s adventures of a moose living near a mountain town.  The story is based on actual moose sightings in Park City and is a perfect gift for both children and adults to enjoy.

Visitors come to Park City, Utah from all over the world…

To ski

To bike

To hike

To see a moose…


This children’s book will tell you where you can find moose in Park City.


Children ages 3-9 and adults of all ages who are young-at-heart will enjoy this book.


38 pages.

Children of all ages are fascinated by large animals and it seems that some animals are also intrigued by their human neighbors. Encounters between wildlife and people increase when urban development spreads into traditionally wild lands. As an example, this book recounts the activities of a moose during a typical day in a mountain town. The story is based on true moose encounters in Park City, Utah.


Weight:  7 oz.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches


The author, Jeannine Strobl-Seibert, is a biology-trained life-long nature enthusiast and observer. She and her husband raised three children in the woods of West Virginia where the deer are plentiful and a cow is a rarity. Jeannine is a full-time resident of Park City, Utah where this story takes place. In writing this children's book, she has assembled moose sightings of her own and those of friends and neighbors.


The book is illustrated by Caroline Nilsson, an artist, architect, and outdoors adventurer. She has hiked large portions of the Appalachian Trail and experienced the nighttime antics of moose in Maine. Caroline lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and frequents the Wasatch Range.


“How Many Places A Moose Can Be” has an important message as well. Residents and visitors to Park City enter an Urban-Wildlife Interface, a place where human and wild animal activities overlap. Moose are generally unafraid and tolerant of humans, perhaps even somewhat curious, but they are large animals with a powerful kick. The best advice for the health and safety of both people and a moose is to enjoy your encounter at a respectful distance and allow the moose to return to its favorite place to be, “in the woods beside the lake with his family.” The book is dedicated to wildlife biologists, the US Park Service, the US Forest Service, and all those helping the moose live wild. For more information on moose in Utah you are referred to the online pdf, “Utah Moose Statewide Management Plan.”