Ioulia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 8 oz Bottles

Ioulia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 8 oz Bottles


Choose from one, two, or four 8 oz bottles of traditionally hand harvested, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.


From the Ioulia family directly to your table, “Stin Yia Sas” – “To Your Health”!

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Experience 100% Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil, direct from Greece! Ioulia Olive Oil is pressed from 3,000 trees that grow the Koroneiki olive right off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The fruit is put onto tarps and taken directly to the village press within hours of picking. Ioulia Olive Oil uses a cold press and lets the oil sit and naturally filter. It's then bottled here in Park City, bringing to your table the real extra virgin Olive Oil taste.

Who was Ioulia?
Ioulia was the mother of Park City residents. She lived a simple life in her quaint Greek village. She loved to pass her time with her husband on the farm, harvesting not only olives but abundant harvests of seasonal fruit, vegetables and flowers. For over two hundred years, liquid gold has been harvested by Ioulia’s ancestors on the ancient land of the Peloponnesus. Today her children and family harvests this very same oil on the very same land the traditional way, hand harvested, cold pressed and produced in limited batches. As Ioulia used to say, “Love and health, you need nothing else.”

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