Made in Park City: Kitchen Lover’s Gift Set

Made in Park City: Kitchen Lover’s Gift Set


This gift is a true taste of Park City! You can’t beat delicious recipes from some of our favorite Park City restaurants, coupled with a combination of delicious spices and olive oil.


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A Mountain Town's Cookbook Volumes 1: Park City Publishing has compiled a beautifully crafted  cookbook with pictures and tidbits of interesting information from around town that features many of the delicious recipes from our favorite local Park City restaurants. With this book you will truly take a taste of Park City home with you!

Mountain Town Olive Oil Fresh Catch Fish Spice: Mmmmm, delicious! This in house, local creation is made with lemon peel and dill, with white pepper, parsley, garlic, chives, coriander and salt. Great on fish, veggies and combined with some olive oil to make refreshing dipping sauce!

1.5 oz

Mountain Town Olive Oil Steak Y'er Claim Meat and Veggie Rub: This light and lively blend is created in house and named for our local Park City mining mountains. It's a bit of blended perfection that will make your mouth water. The perfect combination of salt, white pepper, paprika, coriander, savory, parsley, orange peel, garlic and mustard seed will enhance any grilling operation. 1.5 oz

Ioulia Olive Oil: 100 percent hand picked Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our house to your table! 8-oz bottle

Original Samak Salt Blend: Jen and Dave’s FAVORITE spice made with Kosher salt, a little garlic and spices.

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