Pachamama Peruvian Opals and Wood Necklace

Pachamama Peruvian Opals and Wood Necklace


Pachamama better known as Mother Earth gives us many things in life and she doesn’t disappoint with this Peruvian opal and wood necklace. This fabulous fashion and a little edgy necklace is made from hand carved wood, brass filigree ball from Indonesia, Peruvian opals and a brass clasp. This necklace will definitely fit your Boho Chic lifestyle.

o 301624-OPAL
o Hand carved wood pendant with brass filigree ball
o Peruvian opal beads
o Brass clasp
o 2 1/2” x 1 3/4″ carved wood pendant
o 3/4″ x ½” brass filigree ball

Handmade and one of a kind!

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Peruvian Opal: It is believed Peruvian opals were originally a gift from Pachamama, an early Incan goddess of Earth and time. Peruvian opals releases tension and promote free-flowing ideas, reduces stress and helps the wearer approach the future with a heightened sense of tranquility.

Chakra: Heart

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