Park City Barn-Sepiatone-Photo Print

Park City Barn-Sepiatone-Photo Print


This image of McPolin Barn will make you feel like you’ve stepped back into the old western mining town of Park City.


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The McPolin Farm was purchased by the Citizens of Park City in 1990 to protect and enhance the entry corridor and maintain open space. The original 160-acre farm was homesteaded in 1886 by the Harrison McLane family until they sold 80 acres to Dan McPolin & Patrick McAleeman, for $600, in 1897. In 1922 the McPolins erected the barn of recycled timber salvaged from an old tailings mill. The 7,468 square foot barn was built by fitting timbers together without the use of nails. The milking parlor is 1,500 square feet and was added in the 1950's. The windows were installed later for public viewing.

The McPolin house is a somewhat smaller replica of the original structure, which was moved to this location in two pieces in the early 1920's and burnt down around 1950. The reconstructed house is similar in outward appearance to the original Pyramid Cottage type house, which reflects early 20th century Park City architecture.

Patrick and Grace McPolin inherited the farm in 1922 and operated it as a dairy farm until 1947 when they sold it to a Salt Lake veterinarian named D. A. Osguthorpe.

The Farm has been extensively refurbished, including a structural upgrade on the barn, to maintain it as the most significant visual feature of the valley and an entry corridor landmark.


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