Park City Snack Pack

Park City Snack Pack


Great variety and flavor come together to make up the perfect small locally made gift. This package of Park City artisan food will spice things up, sweeten them up and give you something to chew on all at the same time! It is the perfect gift for the hungry tummy!



Samak Smokehouse Original Beef Jerky: Our award winning, original recipe jerky has been a bestseller for years! The locals love it! Our original jerky is made from USDA beef is hand trimmed, vacuum tumbled, and smoked with cherry wood chips. Using no preservatives or additives this jerky is a favorite. Freezes well to extend life. 4oz.


Samak Smokehouse Teriyaki Beef Jerky: Our award winning beef jerky with a teriyaki could call this one teri-yummy!


OG Cafe Old Goat Salsa: locally made organic hot sauce, and it does have a healthy kick just like an old goat! ***Spicy


Ritual Chocolate Madagascar Bar: This is the “gateway chocolate” for non-believers. Unbelievably fruity and nutty thanks to unique terroir. Made with organic cacao from Bertil Akesson’s farm in the Sambirano Valley in Northern Madagascar. The region is known for producing cacao rich with notes of citrus.

75% Cacao

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Citrus & Peanut


Ritual Chocolate Novo Coffee Bar: This is unlike any other coffee and chocolate bar out there. Fruity Ethiopian coffee meets the balanced flavor of our Mid-Mountain Blend and the result is a balanced, smooth coffee-infused chocolate bar that coffee lovers will love.

60% Cacao

Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Honeycomb, Coffee

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