SOLD-Raw Amethyst and Copper Electro-form Plated

SOLD-Raw Amethyst and Copper Electro-form Plated


I took a large piece of raw amethyst that I found in the Utah desert, then plated it with a copper cap. This one-of-a-kind necklace comes on a unique 19-inch copper chain.

The electro-forming process takes several days to complete, starting with sealing the item in three coats of lacquer. A conductive paint is added, then the piece goes into a copper chemical solution where electricity slowly encourages copper to plate onto the item over the course of many hours or days. Finally, a patina is added to mimic time wearing at the copper, then highlights are polished out and the entire piece is sealed for protection.

Although sealed, copper shouldn’t be submersed in or exposed to water or harsh elements. If the copper rests against skin, skin can sometimes turn green when there is moisture present – this is normal and will go away once the copper is no longer present. Note that I haven’t had this happen with necklaces myself, only rings since hands are much more moist. Copper can continue to patina, aging naturally over time. Treat your new statement necklace with care and it will become a lasting heirloom.

All purchases are sent in a sheer organza gift bag.


Pendant: 0.9″ X 1.75″


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