‘Retro’ Step In Dog Harness

‘Retro’ Step In Dog Harness


The daily walks should be pleasant for both the dogs and owners. Our new step in harness makes it possible! Body harnesses can be an ideal option providing comfort, safety and making walks easier for dogs that do not do well with collars or just for a change.


Triangular patterns in a colorful design, our Retro harness brings a new approach to the geometric feel of the vintage patterns we see coming back in style. The colors are contrasting and blending in at the same time, delivering an optimistic overall design.

Important: Please take some time to practice with your dog the process of stepping into the harness. The best way for a very first try would be to unfold the harness un the floor, in front of your dog, have him/her step through the armholes while they sit and stay as still as possible and you adjust it over their chest, make sure it sits comfortably and clip in together at the top.


The straps of the harness are adjustable in various angles, the chest strap is slightly flexible so it naturally moves following the dog's movement.


Our harnesses are handmade in the U.S.A. with great quality materials, however, they are not indestructible - if your pup might try to chew on it.


Please refer to the attached size chart and measure your dog to make sure you got the right fit. It should be fit, but never too tight or more than 2 fingers lose!

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