About Us

Made In Park City is here to promote community pride and bring awareness of locally made products to all Park City residents and visitors to the area.


On a flight home from one of my travels, I was once again empty handed for lack of time to shop and knowledge of where to find authentic souvenirs and gifts. By authentic, I mean products that are made locally and thoughtfully, not just Made in China, Mexico, or from some giant factory with a different city name slapped on thousands of the same item. I realized there was a need for two things. First, a convenient way to purchase such items. How nice it would be to have a convenient source of information on local craftsmen and local artists that make products of real value and local charm. How much more meaningful to also learn the stories behind the items that make them unique and tie them to their place of origin. Secondly, what if all of this could be done without having to pack these treasures into your already stuffed bag and risk them being thrown around on a plane. What if they could be ordered online and shipped directly to your home. It would be ideal if this service was offered to travelers as well as locals.

I looked within my own hometown of Park City, Utah, where I have lived for more than 20 years, to see who was making what locally. To my surprise, there were far more companies that fit this description than I had realized. It was immediately clear that marketing to the millions of visitors coming and going, as well as to the 8,000+ local residents, was a sizable and expensive task for a small, local business. Why not combine forces and market as a group collectively for greater exposure, and yet individually tell each company’s story.

I decided we needed to create a singular location for online searches and e-commerce as well as a physical catalog that tells the story of each company and provides an in-room and online service to place orders conveniently and directly.

Are you an artist or maker in Summit or Wasatch county? Are you interested in joining as a Made in Park City vendor? Please email inquiry@madeinparkcity.com to start the convo! It’s free to join and we love promoting your work! 

Our Mission

Made In Park City is here to promote community pride and bring awareness of locally made products to all visitors and residents in the area. Our goal is to combine the forces of local companies to collectively promote the whole. With a tangible, beautifully published catalog as well as social media marketing we will create a direct avenue for a point of sale between these local companies and the millions of travelers and thousands of residents in Park City, Utah.

Abigail Hill Hatch — Founder

Abby has lived in the Park City area for over 20 years now, graduated from Park City High School and Utah State University, and has been living the local work-life balance ever since. In 2004 she and her mother Ane founded a local architectural and interior design firm, Ane Hatch & Associates. Since Ane’s retirement, Abby has been running the firm and has changed the name to Abigail Hill. Abby is a sophisticated designer who travels with her skis or bike in the car at all times.