National Garage-Photo Print

National Garage-Photo Print


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You probably know the High West Distillery by name but did you know their Main Street Saloon was originally a livery stable in Park City and then an automobile repair garage before becoming the home of the famous High West Whiskey? This image will take you back to they way Park City used to be and to the way the High West Distillery still looks since they preserved this facade in their building renovation. If you love Whiskey this image will spark a pleasant reminder of your good times in Park City.


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The National Garage in Park City, Utah was originally a livery stable to service the workhorses that pulled the heavy silver ore carts up and down to the mines. Master Carpenter Ellsworth J. Beggs rebuilt a smaller livery stable in 1907 for his “Beggs and Buckley Livery”.


As automobiles became popular, the partners began servicing cars, changing the name to Beggs and Buckley Garage. Local sign painter Roy Fletcher painted the original National Garage sign. Later, when the business became the Sinclair Park Motor, Fletcher painted that sign as well. The garage business operated until 1942 then the garage went through other owners and sat mostly vacant.  In 1981, when the Silver King Coalition Mines Company building burned down across the street, the heat was so intense it melted the paint away from several layers of re-painted signs to what you can see today.

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